The Beginning of Life’s Library

Is there information beyond measure?

Is there more than appears on the surface?

What was it like before time?

What will be when time ends?


Three great books to begin life’s library

for deep research are:

The dictionary brings the meaning of a word.

The bible is the true record of God’s spoken word.

A concordance tells where a subject appears in the bible.


Research what humans call pre-historic times.

Turn to Proverbs 8:22-31, it tells of God’s Son being there.

View the scene when the foundations of the earth were laid.


That was before pride, greed, hatred, and

Undesired emotions entered the scene.

Those came in the work of the great deceiver.


What you will find here would be in the era

of what humans call pre-historic time.

Un-leach  the human mind and see what you find.


You may be surprised by the findings

as you build life’s library for this lifetime.




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