Power In Understanding

Is there a measure for the volume a word may hold?

Is it only in effect when the words are told?

Beyond our measures, find their power.

Know their purpose, their place, and their hour.


If ask the origin of a word

It is often seen, so often heard.

Oh! It’s been around a while.

It found a place, took on style.


As a final say from wisdoms way

The record of word is told and will stay.

“In the beginning was the word.”

Now it is needed. Is it herd?


Each single word has syllables to be heard.

Their hidden meaning builds the word.

Is this original message there today?

Had translation lost the intended say?


Even the dictionary has volumes to say.

Dig deep to find the words true play.

A big surprise may find its way.

Attach it well to memories stay.






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