The Father’s Will

We may meet people with eyes of mercy, thoughts of truth and right.

That is time to set up, shut up, and drink in the rays of light.

 Jesus came to do the Fathers will. Is it displayed in lives here, today?

Do not unload another’s cart of thought. Just show them what you

have got. Is it a confident and faithful lot?  Is it reinforced with

praying always?

The Spirit that come to dwell within the believer, in Him, is truly

from ‘Near To The heart Of God’ . That beautiful old hymn should

still be enjoyed, be treasured, be heard today. There is comfort and

strength n the words it displays.

The journey may be long. Research well the pathways

of the days that come our ways.  Read II Timothy 2: verse 15;

“Study to show thyself approved unto God.”




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