A Moment to Recall

A Moment to Recall.

A Moment to Recall

It was a sunshine day in early spring.

With the gentle breeze, was quits a thing.

Open the window on the sunny side

Enjoy what a breeze can provide.


Thoughts of the moment were pure and true.

What could a simple tape recorder do?

Add to the day a song or two

When complete play it through.


Then came the surprise, did not realize

The volume of the song bird, outside.

It sang near the window, singing in full pride.

Competition is a good surprise.


There can never be a repeat performance.

The bird flew free into the distance.

We must capture life in its instant.

Surprises do reach beyond life’s comprehending.


Take just a moment to recall.

One may not grasp it all.

Open the window early in the day.

The songbird is free to fly away.

Power In Understanding

Is there a measure for the volume a word may hold?

Is it only in effect when the words are told?

Beyond our measures, find their power.

Know their purpose, their place, and their hour.


If ask the origin of a word

It is often seen, so often heard.

Oh! It’s been around a while.

It found a place, took on style.


As a final say from wisdoms way

The record of word is told and will stay.

“In the beginning was the word.”

Now it is needed. Is it herd?


Each single word has syllables to be heard.

Their hidden meaning builds the word.

Is this original message there today?

Had translation lost the intended say?


Even the dictionary has volumes to say.

Dig deep to find the words true play.

A big surprise may find its way.

Attach it well to memories stay.






Many stories emerge from the views

Observed along the passing of life’s do’s.

Do not sweep them under the rug.

From under the surface, what have you dug?


Is there wisdom to salvage from other days?

What find brought to light a magnificent play?

Did sound thinking leave a trail?

Did good judgment get to prevail?


Rescue a moment of silence, a break in time.

Are there better thoughts to find?

Human minds do change.

May we find a sun light range?


What true values do unfold?

Of what wisdom are we told?

What values do the stories hold?

Are they leading to life’s final goal?




The Father’s Will

We may meet people with eyes of mercy, thoughts of truth and right.

That is time to set up, shut up, and drink in the rays of light.

 Jesus came to do the Fathers will. Is it displayed in lives here, today?

Do not unload another’s cart of thought. Just show them what you

have got. Is it a confident and faithful lot?  Is it reinforced with

praying always?

The Spirit that come to dwell within the believer, in Him, is truly

from ‘Near To The heart Of God’ . That beautiful old hymn should

still be enjoyed, be treasured, be heard today. There is comfort and

strength n the words it displays.

The journey may be long. Research well the pathways

of the days that come our ways.  Read II Timothy 2: verse 15;

“Study to show thyself approved unto God.”



Our Daily Need

Our Daily Need.

Our Daily Need

1.  We need The Light of the World.

 2.  To know what is true and what is not.

 3.  To believe in the living resurrected Christ.

 4.  To know the heavenly calling for the present day

for the believers in Him.

  5.  The plan that is now revealed, from before the foundation

of the world.

 6.  The hope of Glory.

 7.  The believer is sealed by the Spirit of Promise.

 8.  Ephesians 4: 4; “There is one body, one Spirit,

even as ye are called in one hope of your calling;

One Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God and

Father of all, who is above all, and through all and in you all.


Quotes Leave Echoes Through the Years

Short liners build great minds.

Let us plant wisdom on the line.

A few true words can live on.

They may be read long after we journey on.


The written word is prepared to stay.

Make it worthy of time and place.

Does it nourish the thinking being?

Does it bring a fresh thought for the reading?


Just a thought may change a day.

It can assist in generating our stay.

Can a good work find a way?

Will it add to life’s fair play?


Quotes have been repeated through centuries old.

Those of value get retold.

Some may be signed, author unknown.

Those are left to stand all alone.  

               Esther Thornburg 



Lift Another’s Load

Lift Another's Load.

Be glad

Be glad.


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